Wellness programs

“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” Hippocrates

When we are happy, things seems to ‘flow ‘more. How is that possible and how to be in a flow all the time?  As life events are passing, things are received more easily if  we relax into the natural state of the body to be as a vessel for the energies to run through.

Plant foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables retain their own life energy. Our body can recognize that energy is also absorbed by our DNA. When we start to offer light, water, and life force to our cells,  obstructions and tissues cleanses itself . A long term program creates your digestive system to relax, releases contraction. Nature is capable of increasing our energy levels, both physically and emotionally. To raise our vibration we need some support sometimes.  In our mind we can create all kinds of obstacles before we are actually being natural and feeling things are happening effortless because you have the drive. To allow being totally connected to your core.

The beauty of our universal ever-changing qualities is to find the joy in that, in every moment. Really! The cleansing programs are made for you to find our balance again and step into a journey with ourselves of being curious about all the processes that are going on in our body’s digestive system. I’m still learning every day and it’s amazing!

A wellness program with Healthy Roots offers you :

  • A new holsitic  approach of creating colon health, liver health and organ regaining strength in our body.
  • Clearing up stagnation in your present way of life that often relates to challenges in the digestive system.
  • Regaining your vitality, guidance in food choices that restores your body’s need for essential nutrients. Tips for less stressful and energetic lifestyle and truly nourishes.
  • Menu planning and recipes filled with vitamin-rich ingredients, minerals, micro nutrients and anti-oxidants. They are the conductor for positive energy, living your passion and full potential.
  • High quality and quantity of cleansing ingredients, recipes that are delicious and effective.